5 Interview Preparation Tips

If you have ever been in the job market or are currently in the job market, it’s no surprise that submitting an application is only a small portion of the hiring process. If you get to the interview process, well done! Statistics show that a staggering 50% of all applications are weeded out via software that screens applicants and only 20% of applicants typically get an interview.

Once you get an interview request, how can you best prepare to ensure that you ace your interview? I have put together 5 quick tips that I share with all of my candidates that are moving forward in an interview process.

1. Review the job description

Reviewing the job description is vital in understanding exactly what the hiring manager is looking for in a candidate. This is a great guide of what your interview performance will be measured against. Don’t skimp on this and only read it partway through, take the time to prepare and show how you qualify for the advertised position.

2. Do research on the company

Would you put an offer on a house prior to seeing the area or at least having an idea of the area? No, probably not; even with this crazy real estate market. So why would you apply for a job and show up to an interview without understanding what the company does? Job interview statistics show that 47% of candidates fail the job interview because they did not understand enough about the company they applied to. Take the time to truly prepare and look into the company’s mission, vision, and what they make, sell or offer. Then try to understand where you would fit into this position.

3. Come prepared with questions for the interviewer

During your preparation, take some time to come up with quality questions that you are curious about the company. Hiring managers take notice when you are thoughtful enough to come prepared with questions that pertain directly to the position, the company and even the overall office environment and culture.

4. Come prepared with answers to common interview questions

      • Can you tell me about yourself (practice your quick 60-second sales pitch on what you have done and what you can offer this company?
      • What are your career goals?
      • What are you most proud of professionally speaking?
      • What are you good at professionally? 
      • What are areas of weakness for you? 
      • What have you failed at, and how did you overcome it?
      • What have you learned from your failures?

5. Practice interviewing with a friend or simply record yourself on video

A recent study revealed that 67% of job seekers were unable to make eye contact with the interviewer. It may sound weird, but you should always practice an interview with a friend, family member or just simply record yourself on video answering interview questions and sharing more about your professional experience. Practice making eye contact and take notice of your posture, any areas where you pause or stumble and look at your overall mannerisms. Remember, the interviewer is a person just like you, try to make a reasonable amount of eye contact and really engage with them to show them just how much you want this role you are applying for.


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